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Hand eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that primarily affects the hands. It is also found under the name of hand dermatitis. It is characterized by intense dryness of the skin, red patches and itching. The symptoms it causes can be particularly uncomfortable and the solutions to get better are sometimes obscure. Let's take a look at the natural solutions available to us to provide lasting relief from hand eczema.

Causes and symptoms of hand eczema

The causes...

The causes of hand eczema are not completely understood, but some doctors believe it is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. You can find out if genetics is a cause during an appointment with your doctor. Environmental factors that can trigger or worsen hand eczema include:

• Contact with irritating or allergenic products: detergents, household products, cosmetics, metals (nickel, chrome, cobalt) or plants (rhubarb, lavender, etc.)

• Excessive hand washing: it is even worse if you wash your hands with very harsh soap

• Stress: Emotions release hormones in the body. Stress releases toxins, which, when accumulated, trigger uncomfortable symptoms such as those related to eczema

• Dry air: due to seasonal changes for example

...And the symptoms

The symptoms of hand eczema vary from person to person. They may include:

• Dry, rough and flaky skin

• Red patches

• Itches

• Vesicles

• Scabs

• Cracks...

What solutions to relieve hand eczema?

There are natural and less natural solutions that can help relieve symptoms related to hand eczema.

...... Natural Solutions Most natural solutions are very accessible and can help provide lasting relief from most symptoms related to hand eczema. Use a mild soap for hands and body!

There are gentle soaps formulated to care for sensitive and atopic skin. They gently cleanse the skin while keeping the hydrolipidic film (protection which protects the skin from microbes) intact. Zematopic® cleansing gel addresses this problem. There are also shampoos to choose according to the needs of our hair. Mild soap is rich in oil. It thus helps preserve the natural hydration and elasticity of the skin. Use vegetable oils

Using olive oil or jojoba oil, for example, is an excellent alternative to moisturize your face and body (including your hands, after each wash).

• olive oil: soothes and hydrates

• jojoba oil: soothes, nourishes

• coconut oil: moisturizes, helps with healing, antiseptic, light texture

• rosehip oil: nourishes, strongly helps with healing

Protect your hands from irritating products, allergens, cold, etc.

It's something we think little about but we are constantly confronted with the use of irritating products! They are an integral part of our daily lives: dishwashing liquid, household products and even certain cosmetic products. It is now up to us to ensure that we limit their use and the impact they can have on us:

• wear gloves (and sometimes a mask) when doing dishes and cleaning

• learn to read labels to spot ingredients harmful to our health at a glance

• wear gloves when the weather is suitable: the cold can significantly dry your hands. Wearing gloves will allow you to effectively protect your hands from certain discomfort. Take steps to significantly reduce stress As we have seen, stress can be a significant source of hassle. The first step to limiting its effects is to become aware of it. Here are some ideas you can use to help you relax and maintain a healthy atmosphere around you.

• read a book

• see loved ones

• practice an activity that you like

• meditate

• … The list is long. Prioritize activities that do you good, that bring you pleasure and make you feel good. It can take time to know exactly what you like. Don't hesitate for a second to take this time: explore, discover yourself and above all, have fun.


Medical Solutions

In severe cases, hand eczema may require medical treatment. The most common medical treatments for hand eczema include:

• Topical medications (or local treatments): corticosteroids, antihistamines, immunomodulators, etc.

• Oral treatments: corticosteroids, immunomodulators, antibiotics, etc.

New reflexes that must be adopted

Beware of miracle cures that promise permanent relief in just one application.

You should know that eczema is a condition that generally takes time to set in. The reverse process is not impossible, but as you will certainly have understood, it takes time. Work on oneself is necessary to detect the cause of these ailments and be able to cure them. Some keys have been given to you in this article. The secret is to seriously work on your lifestyle. It is crucial to impose a certain rigor in your new resolutions (moisturize your hands after each wash, wear gloves when cleaning, etc.) and thus be able to benefit from the benefits of them. If you think you have hand eczema, it is important to see a doctor or dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Nathalie John, certified Ayurvedic medicine practitioner and web editor for Altheys

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