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Eczema body cream

Eczema & Dermatitis Cream 100% natural without cortisone - Proven effectiveness

Innovation formulated with our patented 100% natural Ribwort plantain extract, provides relief from the first application for atopic dermatitis, dyshidrosis, and psoriasis

Zematopic® Miracle Eczema Healing Cream for HAND and BODY - VERY SOFT FORMULA - 200 ml
0% cortisone - 0% paraben - 0% fragrance

(European Patent - No. 15 704 040 3 1109)

This is the flagship product of the Altheys laboratory, the one that initiated its reputation before inspiring the entire Zematopic® range. This eczema cream then paved the way for a series of cortisone-free care products.

The repairing and soothing properties of Ribwort plantain make our natural cream essential for the care and protection of sensitive, irritated, or inflamed skin. Hands, feet, legs, back: the whole body is susceptible to external aggressions (allergens, irritants, moisture), immune imbalances, or skin barrier problems.

In this regard, Zematopic® body cream actively works against:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • atopic dermatitis
  • dyshidrosis of hands and feet

At the heart of its action, our Ribwort plantain extract demonstrates its effectiveness from the first use.
Its secret is no secret, but it is patented
(European patent - No. 15 704 040 3 1109).

We didn't invent the power of Ribwort plantain, we just concentrated and optimized it.

Its effectiveness is proven by clinical study:

  • Relief: Ribwort plantain is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Soothing: Within twenty minutes, allergic reactions, itching, and redness are considerably reduced.
  • Hydration: Thanks to an original formula combining Ribwort plantain with mineral water, glycerin, an emollient, and fatty acids.
  • Protection: Helps to form a barrier against bacteria and viruses.

Zematopic® body cream is also applied to the genital area, vulva, and intimate parts in case of dermatitis or vulvar lichen. Several daily applications (without rinsing) to the vulvar area are recommended.

The dermo-cosmetic laboratory Altheys is as concerned about its customer feedback as it is about professional validation. In this regard, we are proud to be partners of the French Eczema Association (AFE), proud to have received the approval and friendship of its members. Recognition is beautiful when it is shared.

If, after seven days of trial, you are not satisfied with our Zematopic® cream, we will refund the purchase price of this product.

Every day, discovering yourself.
Zematopic®, your ally, your trust.

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Zematopic® reduces eczema pain, itching and inflammation in less than 24 hours.  

Our bestselling Zematopic® body cream is formulated with 10% of exclusive French patented herbaceous plants called plantago lanceolata extract which provides very fast relief from flare-ups due to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and deshydrose. Plantain extract is a skin-soothing agent and a medicinal plant with remarkable inhibitory activity against topical treatment of skin inflammatory affections. The leaves of the plantain tree have been traditionally used in holistic medicine to reduce inflammation, to treat insect bites and stings, eczema, and small wounds or cuts.

Altheys’s patented Zematopic® body cream contains a very active plantago lanceolata component – orthoquinone which helps stop skin inflammation. Our French laboratory discovered the powerful benefits of an extract of plantago lanceolata to stop eczema and skin inflammation naturally, without cortisone.

After 7 years of Research & Development, Altheys Laboratory has patented its active ingredients for its exceptional virtues on atopic skin with eczema and psoriasis. Its active ingredients is called orthoquinone.

- Begin by washing your hands so they’re nice and clean.

- Apply directly to red patches, and in ample amounts.

- Extend the body cream beyond the inflamed areas.

- Apply it in large movements with the palm of your hand

- Apply generously to the affected area up to 4 times daily.

- Give it a few minutes to sink into skin before getting dressed.

It’s very important to point out that plantain leaves had been adopted as a natural medicine since prehistoric times and is especially well known for it's anti-itch properties. It provides immediate relief to dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions because of its ability to draw out toxins and soothe and reduce inflammation. Altheys Laboratory is very proud to be the unique european laboratory to highlight the fact that plantain components cause the neutralization of nitric oxide, the mediator responsible for vasodilation and therefore inflammation of the skin. Plantain prevents vessel dilation by capturing and destroying nitric oxide. By capturing and destroying nitric oxide, plantain helps fight itching and redness and above all has no toxicity. Extract from our French patent - N° 15 704 040 3 1109 :

"Composés o-quinoniques comme agents neutralisant l’oxyde nitrique La présente invention se rapporte au domaine du traitement de maladies et/ou désordres inflammatoires résultant d’un excès d’oxyde nitrique (NO) ; elle a plus particulièrement pour objet des composés o-quinoniques comme agents enutralisants l’oxyde nitrique et leur utilisation thérapeutique ou cosmétique. En outre, les Inventeurs ont mis en évidence, de façon surprenante et contraire à ce qui était supposé dans l’art antérieur (19), qu’un extrait d’une plante connue pour son effet anti-inflammatoire, le plantain lancéolé (Plantago Lanceolata), ne doit pas son effet anti-inflammatoire au glycoside phénylhydantoïque, le verbascoside qu’elle contient, mais à la quinone dérivant de ce polyphénol. Ainsi, selon une autre variante de l’invention, celle-ci se rapporte à un extrait de Plantago Lanceolata enrichi sélectivement en quinone de verbascoside ; un tel extrait de Plantago Lanceolata enrichi en quinone de verbascoside est de préférence obtenu à partir de parties aériennes de la plante par macération alcoolique ; un tel extrait peut être obtenu selon le procédé décrit à l’exemple 5. Cet extrait particulier produit un effet significatif de neutralisation du NO. L’invention se rapporte plus particulièrement à l’utilisation d’un composé ou d’un extrait de Plantago Lanceolata selon l’invention pour la prévention et/ou le traitement de maladie et/ou désordres inflammatoires. En particulier, les composés ou l’extrait de Plantago Lanceolata selon l’invention sont utiles pour la prévention et/ou le traitement des maladies et/ou désordres inflammatoires cutanés tels que le psoriasis, la dermatite atopique, la dermatite de contact, l’irritation cutanée, la réaction d’hypersensibilité de contact, les manifestions allergiques cutanées, la vasodiliation excessive, la rosacée, l’érythèmes solaire, l’acné."


Altheys laboratory discovered the powerful benefits of the extract of plantago lanceolata. After 7 years of Research & Development, Altheys Laboratory has patented its active ingredients for its exceptional virtues on atopic skin with eczema and psoriasis. Its active ingredients is called orthoquinone. All our formulations are made from this special and efficient patented extract.

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The Specificity of Skin Diseases

Eczema or psoriasis are not just superficial skin conditions. They are not mere discomforts. They represent daily challenges that sometimes disrupt the physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals. A laboratory claiming to combat inflammatory manifestations cannot ignore their global consequences. In other words, we address the being, not just the body. If this difference is fundamental in the relationship you have with yourself, it is also crucial in terms of care.

It is common to discuss the impact of severe itching on daily activities, and rightly so, but less is said about its effects on sleep. When skin lesions cause a constant need to scratch, mental balance faces a new peril. To the discomfort or shame during the day, the frustration or anger of the nights is added. Furthermore, activities involving physical contact or skin visibility become anxiety-inducing. How can one claim well-being when it is necessary to give up social events, sports, or one's sex life? Self-confidence and balance, two strong ideas at Altheys. Two targets, two guiding principles that direct and support our missions.

Avoiding Cortisone to Avoid Avoiding Oneself

Distrust of cortisone is growing stronger, and for good reason. Skin fragility, delayed healing, stretch marks, bruises, acne, increased hairiness, rosacea... Its many side effects are now well known. There are all sorts of remedies, from traditional moisturizing cream to psychotherapies, to topical medications. What our studies, like many others, show is that weariness in the face of failures too often leads to abandoning principles. We wanted to stick to natural care, but, out of weariness, we resort to ointments or lotions containing corticosteroids.

At Altheys, we will never judge the attitude of those who suffer. Seeking relief is never a guilt. On the contrary. However, we wanted to accompany this approach of interpreting nature's offerings, convinced that its benefits are wonderful when we take the trouble to seek them. To seek them, study them, and adapt them. Plantain lanceolata is emblematic in this regard. It is nature's signature in our own signature. From ancient Greek times to the present day, this herbaceous plant has revealed wonderful plant properties. The Zematopic® body cream can also be used for a short period in the treatment of an insect bite or nodular prurigo caused by a parasite.

Clinical Study Conclusion

In addition to regulatory compliance and the credibility of our products, we constantly seek to develop innovative formulas. In this regard, the use of clinical studies is fundamental to ensuring optimal dermatological effectiveness. The use of Zematopic® body cream has demonstrated a significant improvement in the mean SCORAD after one month of treatment. The rate of patients experiencing an improvement in clinical signs is 87% (SCORAD decrease of at least 30%) without any notable side effects reported. See the complete study.

Reviews on Altheys and Our Natural Eczema Cream

At the heart of it all is our love for nature and science, two guides as complementary as they are precious. Nature as a mentor. Science as a method. But there is a third indicator that also comes at the forefront of our requirements: the feedback and satisfaction of our customers. It's all about approach. Care, because it involves the health of those who trust us, mobilizes us and involves us to maintain excellence.

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